Renewable Heat Incentive

The Ofgem Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI) enables businesses and organisations to financially benefit when renewable heating systems are installed. We can help.

If you need to apply for the non-domestic renewable heat incentive (NDRHI) scheme or you are having problems with your existing NDRHI account, we can help you. We have been helping clients since the scheme started in November 2011 and have a 100% success rate for applications, scheme amendments, notifications, and all compliance requirements. All of the NDRHI clients we have assisted, have been successful in obtaining approval by Ofgem.

The NDRHI approvals process is complicated, that is why our expert NDRHI team can help and advise you on how to apply for the NDRHI scheme accreditation and any ongoing compliance requirements. Ofgem require a number of documents such as the letter of authorisation and the boiler emissions certificate as well as fuel records, sustainability records, planning and permitting records and NDRHI auditing records. We will help you collate and complete these documents ready for the NDRHI online applications, amendments, notifications and audits. We will help you access the Ofgem non-domestic RHI register and advise on how to open and maintain new and existing NDRHI online accounts.

Do you need an independent report on metering arrangements? Often referred to as an IRMA, these are often required and often assist in the NDRHI applications and amendment and notification process. We would always advise that an IRMA is conducted as it checks your meters are installed correctly, and it is of course the meter readings which form the basis of your NDRHI payments so accurate metering is essential. We have a team of qualified metering engineers who will visit your installation and check your metering arrangements comply with Ofgem Regulations, the IRMA can then be submitted to the NDRHI scheme to support your applications and amendments.

We can also provide you with Ofgem compliant schematics and complete the Ofgem heat loss assessment (HLA) tool and the NDRHI Green House Gas (GHG) calculations for submission to Ofgem.

We can assist with your Biomass Suppliers List registration and Woodsure accreditation if you are producing your own biomass fuel and can also arrange for a biomass fuel sustainability report if your biomass boiler system is over 1MW, both of these will ensure you meet your ongoing obligations and continue to receive your NDRHI payments.

If you have a bespoke boiler system, we can advise and arrange for NDRHI emissions testing to ensure your boiler is eligible for the NDRHI scheme. Our NDRHI emissions test service is competitively priced and we will provide all the required emissions requirements and air quality permitting.

Our experience with the NDRHI scheme is expansive and includes biomass poultry NDRHI applications, district heating systems, care homes, hotels, schools, offices, nurseries, hospitals, holiday accommodation and timber companies. All applications differ, therefore our broad experience will ensure you provide the correct information to Ofgem to receive your NDRHI approval.

Contact Lyn for details of our renewable heat incentive application service.