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Flegg High School

Community Sustainable Energy Programme (CSEP) Development Study


Community Sustainable Energy
Programme (CSEP) Development Study
Renewable Technologies:
Solar PV system
Wind Turbine

Study Outcomes

The site is considered to be the most suitable for solar PV and wind turbine installation. Two south-east facing roofs have been identified as potentially beneficial for a solar PV installation. The most suitable location for the wind turbine has been also agreed with the school.

Estimated annual savings*:

16,012 kWh of electricity supplied by the national grid £1,868.60
6,885 kg CO2 emissions Flegg High School was awarded CSEP grant and the Low Carbon Building Programme grant and therefore received 100% funding for the 6.0 kW wind turbine installation.

If you are interested in renewable energy technologies, want to know whether your site is suitable and how much energy & CO2 emmisions you could save contact our office on 01953 798112

* Based on specific technology quotations and the electricity price at 10.4p/kWh.

Client awarded grant funding for anaerobic digestion feasibility Andrew Robertson is pleased to announce that grant funding from WRAP has been awarded for a client considering anaerobic digestion using pig manure.

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Thank you very much for the report which looks excellent and at this stage looks a worthwhile exercise.

Client from Oxfordshire - Biomass, solar and wind turbine feasibility